The Rooms


Your Great-Uncle Eric was a lover of puzzles, games, and all things fun. He left his fortune up for grabs,
but it’s going to take all of your skill, patience and teamwork for you to find it in his study.

Recommended team size: 2-6 players         Difficulty: 4/5


Wrongly accused of a crime you didn’t commit, you find yourself locked up in the Black Hills Saloon with only your quick draw thinking and fast fingers to get you out. You have just 60 minutes to escape before the Sheriff comes back from the courthouse…

Recommended team size: 4-10 players        Difficulty: 4.5/5



It’s Christmas Eve at the North Pole, and the excitement is building…

The presents are wrapped, the sleigh is ready and the reindeer have been fed ready for the long night ahead. There is just one thing missing – where is Santa??

Mrs Claus is worried that Santa’s fear of heights has got him hiding, and she has asked you and your fellow elves to search through his office to find his all important bravery powder. If you can’t find it in time, Christmas will be ruined!!

Recommended team size: 1 – 6 players      Difficulty: 2.5/5