Online Games


Our online games are a fantastic ‘play-at-home, play-anytime, play-with-whoever-you-want’ option for when you can’t – or just don’t want to – leave the comfort of your own home! They are an exact replica of the rooms you would find here at Bridlington Escape, converted so that you get the full experience without leaving your sofa. 

There is no avatar or host to control the room, so there is no need to book a time slot. You have a whopping 72hours to complete the game (this begins once you have entered the game, not from the time of purchase). This means that you can leave the game and come back to it the next day, exactly where you left it. 


Your one-off £20 purchase buys you a game key, sent to you immediately via email, which you can then forward on to the other players (anywhere in the world!) for you to all play at the same time. You can have up to 6 connections (players) on the game at any one time, but like in any real-life escape room, be aware that the number of players you have will affect the experience of the game. You will need to set up a separate Zoom call in order to speak to the other players – and trust me, communication is going to be key! 

The game is suitable for playing on a PC, laptop or mobile device, however unless you are playing by yourself, we wouldn’t recommend using your phone where possible. 

If you have any questions or would like some more information, please email us at: or ring on 01262 229070 


The first of our games available to play online is the ever-popular room ‘Inheritance’.

After recently discovering that your long-lost Great Uncle Eric has sadly passed away, you arrive at his office to take on the challenge of finding the treasure he has left safely hidden away. Untangle the web of puzzles and mysteries he left behind to walk away with what’s rightfully yours…your INHERITANCE!